Kundeklubb på mobil


Join our membership club and get attractive benefits, it pays off! As a member, you will receive exclusive offers, as well as information via e-mail about exciting events 

Membership is free and there is no commitment period.

  • 5% bonus on accommodation booked directly on our website.
  • Get first access to offers and other benefits
  • Customize your profile so that you receive relevant offers.



  • What is a membership club?

    • Our membership club is a loyalty program that rewards members with benefits and personalized service.
  • How does the program work?
    • As a member, you receive unique benefits and the latest news first.
  • Is the membership free?
    • Yes
  • Is there a commitment period?
    • No
  • How are cancellations handled?

    • Cancellations are automatically recorded and adjust bonus accrual.
  • How to report missing bonus points?
    • Please create a support request.
  • How to earn bonus points?

    • Bonus points are earned automatically only when booking accommodation on our website.
  • What do you earn bonus points on?
    • Bonus points are earned only on goods and services booked on our website.
  • How to use bonus points?
    • Bonus points and other benefits can be used to pay/partially pay for your stay or purchase in the restaurant via the member profile, online, or at the reception.
  • When do bonus points expire?
    • Bonus points expire on the last day of the subsequent calendar year.
  • When do other benefits expire?
    • Gift cards and offers expire as indicated in the "benefits" section.
  • When are bonus points awarded?
    • Usually immediately or within 7 days after the stay or transaction.
  • Where can I use bonus points and benefits?
    • At Thorbjørnrud Hotel.


  • How do i delete my profile?

    • Please create a support request.
  • How do i unsubscribe?
    • All communications include options to unsubscribe.



Bonus i kundeklubben