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Kjetil Myrengen – Hotel Director
Kjetil got an part-time job at Thorbjørnrud in his early teens, and worked his way through all the departments of the hotel. In the end, Olav put him in the car and drove him to Switzerland to get an education in hotel and tourism management. Kjetil knows Thorbjørnrud as his own pocket, and is the one who maintains a steady course when Olav becomes eager and over-ambitious. Kjetil is very interested in beer and beer brewing, and is also an educated beer waiter. He is the one who holds beer tastings at Thorbjørnrud and enthusiastically expands our beer concept.



Olav Lie-Nilsen – Hotel Owner

Olav owns and operates Thorbjørnrud hotel and Øvre Kjekshus Gård. He is educated in hotel and tourism management in Switzerland, and has ethnology from the University. Olav has been around the world looking for tastes and experiences, but he decided to settle at Hadeland to use his entrepreneurial skills. Olav holds a great love for farming, sustainable food production and food as a bearer of culture - always driven to perfection and development. Olav usually has multiple ideas and projects at once and runs fast in every direction, and is therefore forced to surround himself with people who can keep him grounded.





Sagveien 8, 3520 Jevnaker
phone 61 31 71 00

1 hour from Oslo
45 minutes from Gardermoen
3 minutes walking distance from Hadeland Glassverk

From Oslo: 67 km
From Gardermoen: 55 km
From Hønefoss / train station: 13 km
From Roa / train station: 20 km Good transport arrangements with
local bus and taxi company.

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