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Kristoffer Skovli Karlsen


Kristoffer Skovli Karlsen - Hotel Director

Kristoffer holds a degree in Hotel and Administration from the University of Finnmark. He is a down-to-earth and optimistic individual who relishes spending time in the great outdoors. Ensuring positive interactions with people is a focal point for Kristoffer, and he greets everyone with a warm smile. His profound passion for beer and brewing leads him to dedicate a significant amount of time to the hotel's in-house brewery. As a trained beer sommelier, Kristoffer is always eager to engage in conversations about beer and Norwegian beer culture. The brewery serves as an excellent space for nurturing creative ideas, exploring intriguing flavors, and facilitating enjoyable discussions.

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Thorbjørnrud Hotell AS 

Sagvegen 8
3520 Jevnaker 

Phone: +47 61 31 71 00

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