About us

About us 

Thorbjørnrud is not only a traditional conference hotel
- we are also one of Norway's best local food producers!

Farm, cheese factory, brewery and kitchen garden
We serve meat from our own farm, Øvre Kjekshus, in the hotel restaurant, and in we grow vegetables the historic garden. In 2015 we established a cheese factory in the hotel pool where we, among others, make blue cheese on milk from sheep and cow and a very good cheddar. The Cheddar was honoured with the Specialty Award in 2017. Our newest arena for taste and fun is our own hotel brewery. And of course there are several food and beverage plans on the drawing table waiting for realization. 

The dream of self-sufficiency
But why bother? We have to put most of the blame on hotel owner Olav Lie-Nilsen. Olav is a farmer and incredibly fond of seeing both animals and plants grow. In a world where most people have lost contact with the food they eat, Olav saw an opportunity to restore this contact to hotel guests. By serving meat from happy animals from the hills nearby, and cheese that he himself produced, he could trigger enthusiasm for animal welfare, living cultural landscapes and pure local food.

Historical with distinctive architecture
The farm where Thorbjørnrud Hotel is located today has a long and versatile history- that can be traced all the way back to the 1300s. The main building has been the Executive House of the Director at Hadeland Glassverk. The hotel wing was built in the 1980s (architect was Alf Bastiansen). The new construction is a rare architectural gem with lots of glass and consequently a lot of light and view to the historic garden and the Randsfjord. The venerable Executive House is today serving as a party- and restaurant venue. We have also done a lot to create a vibrant, colourful and inspiring hotel – with the use of interior, art and the lush garden.

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