The Farm

The Farm, Øvre Kjekshus

In 2010, hotel owner Olav Lie Nilsen decided that Thorbjørnrud would be the best in Norway on local food - and he wanted to produce this food himself.

Sustainable local food from own farm
Being self-sufficient with meat, vegetables and dairy products would not only give business benefits to the hotel - it would also give Olav an opportunity to live the farming dream at Hadeland - and the hotel restaurant a unique opportunity to think of local food and food culture in a whole new way.

Øvre Kjekshus
Olav has always had a strong interest in sustainable food production, living cultural landscapes and local food, so the only thing he lacked was a farm. He fell in love with the farm, Øvre Kjekshus, on Gran, which had been deserted for half a century. Where others saw decay, Olav saw opportunity. He envisaged lights in the windows, and cows and sheep in the surroundings fields. He pictured the storehouse filled with the most delicious ham, and the garden coloured with flowers and berries. With his eyes fixed on the future, Olav brought new life into Øvre Kjekshus and also added to the food adventure at Thorbjørnrud.

The food from Øvre Kjekshus
Øvre Kjekshus is home to more than 500 happy animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, geese, hens, cats and a shepherd dog that is a little faster when it comes to moving sheep than Olav. Kjekshus supplies Thorbjørnrud with meat and ham, and milk from both sheep and cow to the cheese factory.



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