The cheese factory

The cheese factory

For most people it may sound strange to establish a cheese factory in a swimming pool – or even to have one at a hotel at all - but for us at Thorbjørnrud it seems very natural. Firstly, we are more into food than chlorine water, and secondly, we have everything we need to do a serious, but playful, cheese production!

Blue Cow & Blue Sheep and Hadeland’s Cheddar
The main thing about the cheese factory is to make unique cheeses for the hotel restaurant, but we also have the capacity and enough milk to produce for sale. The milk comes from our own farm, Øvre Kjekshus, where we milk both cows and sheep. We have developed two tasty blue cheeses, Blue Sheep and Blue Cow, and a delicious cheddar that received the Specialty Mark in 2017. Many have also gotten to love our pepper root cheese, which is just as good to sprinkle over the pasta as the parmesan. The cheeses are currently sold in the hotel shop, at the Farmer's Market and in some delicatessen shops.

Cheese presentation with a view
If you appreciate cheese and good stories, we recommend a cheese lecture with hotel owner and farmer at Øvre Kjekshus, Olav Lie-Nilsen.

The lecture "In the cow’s footsteps", takes you on an exciting journey of tastes, from Tuscany to Jevnaker. The event takes place in the mesanine above the cheese factory - where you have a great overview of the spectacular production room.

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