As a guest at Thorbjørnrud, you live amongst local food enthusiasts! That doesn't mean you have to be a food enthusiast to enjoy yourself here, but it will of course enhance the overall experience.


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We have 14 meeting rooms and group-sized rooms of various sizes, as well as an auditorium with room for up to 130 participants.
The common rooms are airy with plenty of space for group work, mingling or a just a stretch. The idyllic garden is also a lovely place to gather your thoughts or engage in group activities.


Unique dining experiences

At Thorbjørnrud Hotell, you eat short-traveled local food from the lovely Hadeland, with local cheeses and vegetables from the kitchen garden.
Our lunch buffet is widely known, and occasionally we fire up the pizza oven and serve Italian style pizza alongside.


A lot of options

Our location makes it easy to keep your group together and there is plenty to do - both at the hotel and in the surrounding area. Most people choose to take the trip to Hadeland Glassverk and Kistefos, and if you want to explore our activities or experiences, we will of course highlight our food courses, lectures and tastings.


Soap with nature's finest ingredients

The future is green, and we are therefore proud to be able to offer the innovative products of Elm Organics at Thorbjørnrud Hotell. Elm Organics is a series of environmentally friendly soaps that have an extremely short decomposition time of only 14 days. The soap is completely free of microplastics, parabens and petrochemical ingredients.

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