Welcome to one of Norway's very few hotel breweries!

Thorbjørnrud Hotel naturally also has a love for good drinks. We are food enthusiasts and like to explore how we can bring out the best in the ingredients so that the flavors play together in the hotel restaurant. Brewing beer at the hotel gives us infinitely more opportunities for cross-play and fun flavors.

As with everything else, the raw ingredient’s we use are important. We use 100% Norwegian malt as far as possible. The Norwegian malt gives a slightly different character to that which is imported, and therefore many may find that, for example, our Bokk beer tastes a little different compared to a classic Bokk brewed with imported malt. For us, the Norwegian malt gives our beer its own character, a local belonging or "terroir" as it is called in the wine world. In the spring of 2018, 5 acres were established with local production of malt from the "Salome" barley variety, which we want to malt and then of course make good beer from.



Thorbjørnrud Gårdsøl is a top-fermented beer that is brewed in line with old traditions from both Belgium and Norway. The beer is fruity with notes of spices and low bitterness. Kjetil and his co-brewer Lars Ruud, who is incidentally the main architect behind this beer, have succeeded well in making a beer that fits into the menus at Thorbjønrud Hotell. We like to serve it with our soups, but the beer also stands very well on its own, without a snack. Gårdsøl is a type of beer - hence the name - 100% hotel beer here, just so it's mentioned.