Would you like to enjoy a better meal in the historical "direktørbolig"? 

Welcome to an unparalleled culinary experience in the majestic "direktørboligen" at Thorbjørnrud Hotell. Here we invite you to enjoy an exclusive meal that anchors you in history and taste. In our main building, we serve an enchanting 4-course menu, carefully composed to take you on a journey through flavors and elegance.

Let yourself be enveloped in an atmosphere of pure reverence as you savor every delicate moment. Through panoramic windows, you get an idyllic view of our historic garden and the majestic Randsfjorden. Every element, from crockery to service, is carefully designed to create an experience that exceeds expectations.

Price: NOK 645,- per person.

The 4 course meal is served between 18:00 and 20:00 in the "direktørbolig". Contact the reception to reserve a table:

Phone: +4761317100
Mail: [email protected]